Bye-bye, little dangos

Bye-bye, little dangos. It's been fun making clannad gifs and all, but some how along the way it just started getting boring and I didn't update much. Clannad has taught me about love, life, miracles, and trust. I hope all my followers enjoyed the time they've spent with me. My posts are still available if you wanna see them. My ask box is open too. If you can't say good-bye, follow me on my other blog. I will be updating there. Shoujo Magic

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I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hey Do u have the full video of clannad after story? And do u know the link or where i can download the full movie? You are awesome anyway

Yes, I have both Clannad and Clannad After Story on my laptop. You need a type of torrent software to download the movie ( uTorrent, bit torrent, etc.) If you don’t, download it. 

Here’s the link. It’s the only one I can find.


"Everything had changed. It couldn’t have stayed the same. There was something he never should have lost sight of. He should have continued singing. Not for anyone else, but for her. The love songs for her."


Sorry for not updating

I’ve been busy with school work.